Heroes of the Dark

Captain Kovallen

"I left him an oar..."

A little girl was the sole survivor of a land shark attack on the High Road, north of the Dragonspines, as the party departed Phlan to investigate the strange Rod that may lead them to the Baneblade Keryvian.  Encumbered, the party dashed toward the Citadel of the Raven, still occupied by the multiple forces of most of the Cormanthor to prevent the barbarian tribes from raiding further south.  Eventually they get a name out of her:  Shandril.

The captain of the forces loyal to Yulash watching the easternmost took in the party and hid them from Captain Kandar Milinal, the leader of the Zhentilar forces commanding the inner three keeps.  It seems he already knew they were passing through, and was looking for them to detain them on orders from Zhentil Keep.

Thus engaged, the party decided to abort their trip west, and headed south through the mountain, away from the Zhentilar toward Teshwave where their tagalong could be treated.


Kovallen was a survivor from a Krynnish expedition that ran aground in a storm, just like Fizzl and Acacia years before. Now he is a member of the guard in Yulash, and found himself unwittingly involved in Zhentarim machinations.

Fizzl learned that he had been a sailor, and left him with an oar from one of their ships that she had picked up…. somewhere. It is something he will remember.

Captain Kovallen
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