Heroes of the Dark

Character Creation

"Terror and Darkness"

Remember that this is a dark campaign.

Characters may have camaraderie, and they may develop friendships or even relationships, but ultimately the Lawful Neutral defends the letter of the law, the Lawful Evil twists the rules to their favor, the True Neutral is entirely self-serving, and the Neutral Evil defends the tenets of power.

Chaotic characters are unlikely to survive for long in the highly-stratified drow society, but those who do are rewarded with tremendous power if they can rise to the top and overcome their counterparts who seek to keep them in check.

And also remember that you are the twenty-third house.  You have only just beaten and clawed your way into the Upper Third, which means you are now the target of every house beneath you.  There are forty houses beneath you all richly desiring your seat.  It's how no lower house survives for long.

Create two guards (F4) to travel with you at all times, on your own personal payroll (10d12+60gp).  Give them stats consistent with warriors (straight 4d6 rolls, observing racial maximums) and make them demi-human servants.  A step up from the slaves running your mushroom and rothe farms, these servants are loyal, armed, and capable.  Purchase starting equipment for them (3d12+20gp), but no magical items.  They're still only slaves.


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