Heroes of the Dark

First Blood

The orcs came for their wounded man.

What they found was the party of adventures that destroyed them.  Juchin was struck by a crossbow bolt, but the others remained unhurt

Four orcs were defeated. and among the bodies, just 27 copper pieces were recovered, bearing the sigils of new Phlan administration, meaning these orcs had taken their treasure from the adventurers unlucky enough to come before.

However, a strange windfall, each of the four orcs appeared to be wearing pieces of what was a full set of full plate armor.  One wore the vambraces, another the helm, another the gloves, and one the breast plate.  The armor, valued by Fizzl at some 1500 gold pieces, bore the marks of heraldry belonging to Nimoar's Hold, a keep embattled by orcs long ago, in faraway Illuskan lands of Mirabar.

The other treat was a pair of magical bracers that bestowed one tier of armoring to the wearer.

Faylan was easily able to track their origins back to Kuto's Well, which was found strangely unoccupied.


Full Plate Armor (masterwork)
Bracers of Armoring +1

First Blood
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