Heroes of the Dark

Kuto's Well

It's Not Timmy, but he's down there...

Inside the slums lay a particularly large water source, known for years at Kuto's Well.

Below the well lay the stronghold of the infamous Norris the Gray, where the party found treasure and guarded by opponents.  Only 6 pieces of gold, 30 silver, and 36 copper were found on the bodies, but there were a bullseye lantern, a potion of cure light wounds, eight arrows, and eight crudely made wooden short bows in the body pile after the first encounter.

Eight more of Norris' men were defeated, and on one of the bodies, Fizzl found a piece of parchment that bore a password written in orcish:  Darkness.


2 x Alexandrite (400 gp)
Alexandrite (500 gp)
Alexandrite (600 gp)
Alexandrite (700 gp)
Amethyst (70 gp)
Banded Agate (10 gp)
Black Opal (1300 gp)
Brown-green Garnet (110 gp)
Chalcedony (40 gp)
Chrysoberyl (130 gp)
Deep Blue Spinel (500 gp)
Deep Green Spinel (50 gp)
Freshwater Pearl (9 gp)
Golden Yellow Topaz (400 gp)
Jade (120 gp)
Moss Agate (4 gp)
Pink Pearl (120 gp)
Red Garnet (60 gp)
Red Garnet (90 gp)
Rhodochrosite (12 gp)
Rhodochrosite (15 gp)
Rich Purple Corundum (1100 gp)
Smoky Quartz (50 gp)
Turquoise (11 gp)
White Pearl (110 gp)
Total value = 6911 gp
Mundane Items
Breastplate (Medium) (200 gp)
3 x Full Plate (Medium) (1500 gp)
Masterwork Composite Shortbow (Medium, +1 Str bonus) (450 gp)
Masterwork Guisarme (Medium) (309 gp)
Masterwork Short Sword (Small) (310 gp)
Masterwork Throwing Axe (Medium) (308 gp)
Smokesticks (2 sticks, 20 gp each)
Spyglass (1000 gp)
Total value = 7117 gp
Magic Items
Arcane Scroll (Charm Person (25 gp)) (total 25 gp)
Arcane Scroll (Darkvision (150 gp), See Invisibility (150 gp)) (total 300 gp)
Arcane Scroll (Mending (12 gp 5 sp), Blindness/Deafness (150 gp), Flaming Sphere (150 gp)) (total 312 gp 5 sp)
Darkwood Buckler (205 gp) (Medium)
Divine Scroll (Detect Snares and Pits (25 gp)) (total 25 gp)
Divine Scroll (Endure Elements (25 gp), Remove Curse (375 gp)) (total 400 gp)
Dust of Dryness (850 gp)
2 x Potion of Cure Light Wounds (50 gp)
Potion of Fox’s Cunning (300 gp) (Requirement curse)
Potion of Jump (50 gp)
Potion of Lesser Restoration (300 gp)
Potion of Reduce Person (250 gp)
Total value = 3117 gp 5 sp

Kuto's Well
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