Heroes of the Dark

Personal and secret journals of Aunrae Sel'rue

Growing Pains.

(Written in drow, in a flowing hand.) 

I must admit I am beginning to trust my own council above any other. Valanrae is my twin, but she does not always know my mind. Our mother, loyal to Lolth though she may be, is blinded by anger at a presumed slight. 

I know my brother. Dyan'ette had a true appreciation of our culture and a sincere love for his sister. I know his hand, and I know his mind. It was oft opened to me in the early hours of the morning while the house lay sleeping. I cannot believe such a mind would be turned to treason without some sort of sign. 

I believe in my own council that he was made to behave in such disgraceful manner, these notes were not meant to be read by any but he, and that they showed such conflict that his mind did not posses proves to me that he was not responsible for his actions. Even Lolth would see that he be put back to her uses rather than wasted. 

Were he to be recovered he could provide all the evidence and access that we require to turn Menzoberranzan on its ear. We have time however, we have much time before we can be attacked again, and a means to send one out should the same happen again. A route that I plan to use myself, once I have everything I need to retrieve my Dyan'ette. 

My mother will refuse to see wisdom in this at first, which means I will need reasons a plenty for her to accept my choice. I will need to dedicate him to Lolth, in a way that will allow him his life, and glean all the information he can provide me. 

If I am wrong, then no one will ever know that I tried to return him home, they will know he was traitorous  and that he paid the price for his actions. … Not before telling me everything about those houses that seed corruption. 

Again, I know my brother and I know his mind. It is only one of two ways, either he left these things, knowing that I would find them and read them… possibly laying in wait for a trap. Or, he did not mean to leave them behind and he was interrupted in his progress and fled, when he realized that we had been attacked. The guards saw him flee, which means he was close enough to know we were losing… No, it is as I thought he must have fought against whatever they did to his mind. Poor, weak-minded brother… perhaps when I find you I will find a way to guard you against such things…  

Regardless we have work to do, and mine is most problematic, for convincing my mother, and my dear sister of anything they do not wish is no easy task. 


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