Heroes of the Dark

Personal and secret journals of Aunrae Sel'rue - 2

Answers and more questions

Is it just that he was too clueless to know that the wards would be destroyed in his actions, or was it that he played dumb when we brought it to his attention? To think that he would let Dyan'ette be blamed for this when it was Elgin, is almost interesting enough to set them against one another. An amusing prospect when he returns. 

Having laid eyes on him, I can more convincingly reassure any that ask that he is still alive. That may make things more deadly for him however, so I will keep my recurrences to a minimum, just incase someone is listening. I will admit that I am vexed that he did not just come with us when I approached him, but I suppose I can understand his hesitation, he would assume I was there to kill him, especially given that I came with numbers. Really though, if I wanted him dead I wouldn't have bothered to go myself. 

Valen'rae is suspicious, and perhaps she has right to be, but I will not let it divide us, not yet, not until I'm ready to do what needs to be done. Right now I need to convince her that this is for the best of the family, which she believes, and that this is about us, and not about me. Making moves for myself will make me a target. 

I have plans to travel with Minivrae, we have needs that only the surface can provide and she is still willing to accompany us, so we should ingratiate ourselves. We have time to kill before Dyan'ette returns, and might as well make use of it to establish ourselves in the meantime. Mother has her dealings to handle, which means her eyes will be off of us.

Two-tendays he said, that could turn out to be months given what he may need to go around. It would behoove us to keep an eye on the symbol and track it as he goes, perhaps send raids to clear ahead of his progress. That would be easy enough to do without drawing much attention. 

To pose this to others in a way that doesn't immediately call attention to my drive to see him returned will be a test, but one that I am prepared for. The only question is, will our matron comply with our schemes, or will we take her place? I am sure that is something that will become evident rather immediately. I will turn the whole of our guard on her if necessary. Though, it occurs to me that I should find the blade that way used on her in the attack, it may provide insight on what to use to kill her. Mother is careful, which means there are few things that will readily work. Spells are near useless, but some poisons may be effective, and there is always brute force. 

Perhaps I can dupe Elgin into doing it for us, then we can hand him to our blade-master for justice… hm, that does sound like a lovely idea. Our hands would be relatively speaking, clean, and we would be short a man that has betrayed us for his own gain before. A win, win.


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