Heroes of the Dark

Personal and secret journals of Aunrae Sel'rue - 3

Betrayal of the worst kind.



I have no words for the atrocities committed to my blood. A curse laid to insure that any child that came from our blademaster, her son, my brother, would not be fit for Lolth's service. A curse that I never looked for because I did not believe she would weaken our house or our line. 

I was wrong, though only this serves as proof for that. He has the right to be angry, she violated him in ways that even we do not. It is not illegal, but she stripped him of his will, took his mind, body and seed without his concent. If he were anything less than he is, it might have gone unnoticed, I might have never thought to look. The problem is, I am cautious and we take him to our bed habitually, he sired the child I bare, did she think I would never have thought it possible? Does she even care? No, that is a clear answer. 

The betrayal of rewarding our adopted sister with a whip that outranked ours, her whip for that matter… that was repaid by Lolth herself; whips with nine heads each were given despite that we tired separately. Dyan'ette has been blessed with the touch of Lolth, and with that he is near untouchable. Not free as he'd like, he's tasted the surface and I believe we have lost part of him to it, though it would be that lack of the conditioning of our matron. There are grave concerns now however, so rather than dwell I will put it all to use. That being said, should one of the houses he will likely entertain feel obliged to claim him, my sister and I will take him as consort, to keep him here, and there would be no end to the fury that would be wrought should our Matron try to take him before we are done… nor the end of Lolth's, because she has chosen him. I had never considered the likelihood that I would share with our goddess,  though the idea is not unpleasant.

Right now we have a dragon to reckon with, something that will take the might of all Menzoberranzan to face it. It was freeing, I will admit, not being trapped in the confines of the city, though I get the feeling that Dyan'ette was horrified that we would risk so much, or maybe just annoyed that he had to do his job. 

Then this is over, however, I have plans. Our matron refused to train a priest that had the ability to serve Lolth, because then he would have rights to refuse her I imagine. I have the power to preform all of those rites, and to teach him everything he needs to know, and there is little she could do without risking the wrath of the self-same goddess that has singled out Dyan'ette.

Then, and only then can we begin moving against her. I will have my family, my people, and my sister and I will have a house with contacts in plenty. It pays to be a friend of House Baenre, and I think with our last visit we more than entertained them. 

Though, I confessed to Valan'rae that I have been marked, she has removed the wound and healed it clean to remove the ability to set us apart. Some will likely still know, but if my mother had to mark me to prove that I was myself she knows nothing of me. I would like it to stay that way at least while we wait. I know that we will not always rule together, it is always fleeting, partnership. Though, for now it suits us both and we've found nothing to argue over, and I pray it stays that way until it must change.

There is more but I do not trust myself to say it here, perhaps I will be willing to write it, but to put a thing to ink has a way of making it real, so for now it remains unsaid. 






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