Heroes of the Dark


One Week Later

Halflings Blade: Evaelathil "Flamebane" (green)
Stolen out of Myth Drannor from the body of Ellidor Snowtoes after his death at the Honorsgate War.  Location unknown, but rumors of a halfling thief wielding a blade wreathed in a green flame abound in Daggerdale.

Dwarfblade: Mhaorathil "Plaguesbane" (orange)
Wielded by Vuth Steelire, buried in Northdark Mountain.  Dungeon crawl for tomb robbing needed.  The Northdark Reaches have been buried under dozens of feet of snow for a century, to the point the dwarves abandoned the Reach.

Dragon Rider's Great Sword: Morvian "Darkbane" (yellow)
Recovered from Valhingen Graveyard, and now wielded by a member of the party.

Mage's Blade: Faervian "Battlebane" (purple)
Buried with Phyrra Illiathorr, under the Tower of Song.  The red dragon was the best way to find the location of the sword.  Now the dragon is dead, but its fabulous horde is yours.

Unity Blade: Dragathil "Hatebane" (red)
In the horde of the black dragon Crinabnathor in the mountains west of Dragon Sea.  The black dragon has been seen over Calderock and Newport over the last several months, preying on local sheep and the occasional hunter.

Leader's Sword: Keryvian "Foebane" (blue)
Disappeared with Captain Fflar in a pillar of light during the Crownfire War.  Now in the hands of the mythical creature Miska in his prison on the Plane of Opposition, the blade has been corrupted by his evil influence.  Only the touch of a goodly aligned soul can restore it.


The Rod of Law is the only way to reach Miska, but only three of its parts have been recovered thus far. This is about to change, as the party’s rodbearer has just noticed a powerful pull toward the forest outside Phlan.

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