Heroes of the Dark

Slums of Phlan

Fallen City

Phlan is a thousand year old city.

The city is awash in mystery and tradition, but deeper washed in blood.

It has been many decades since the city fell, in the closing of the Dragon Run.  What drake fire purged is now being rebuilt, over many, many hard years, and the monsters that presently control the slums are fighting back.

Golblins and kobolds are most prevalent, having been pushed toward the outskirts by larger bands of orcs and hobgoblins. 

Outside the first major structure that is still standing, a team of just three goblins laid in wait to ring an alarm bell, and notify their guards that city-goers were entering their side of the ruins.  The tables, however, were turned, and the goblin that survived found himself bound by manacles to Juchin, forced to lead them through their defenses safely.


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