Heroes of the Dark

Thick as Thieves

The Thieves Guild of Phlan, calling itself the Welcomers, operate with impunity in the New Settlement, and have agreements with the surrounding inhabitants of the Slums to pass unrestricted through the Old City.

Fizzl's task will be to uncover a means of entry into the guild, whose members cut off their left ear to identify themselves among their fellows.  It won't be easy to get in.  Once inside, it may be impossible to leave.


Leo Agin
Alero Bol
Franic Cockburn
Valon Ernest
Freona Teakettle
Devona Cadorna
Brice Vang
Metias Brightstar
Sargent Vic Kells

Viceroy Ulrich Eberhard

Sheriff Kvala, half-orc former guard captain

Corvic, half-ogre leader

Gronk, fire giant captain

Thick as Thieves
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