Heroes of the Dark

Thinking About the Future

The dragon was grateful to be spared, and shared a portion of its horde, but also agreed to stay, guarding the remainder of the horde it has buried under its lair at the heart of the castle.  It has in the meantime countered that the poisoned hedge row remain, to prevent others from looting its horde.

Goblin and orc survivors still rest hidden in the slums, but offer no resistance.  They no longer have a force capable of fighting the whole strength of the settlement of New Phlan.

Councilor Cadorna attempted to wrest control of Castle Valjevo, but it was short-lived.  Juchin had already discovered Cadorna's intent, and found the deed to Valjevo laying in a secret horde below the keep, in an escape tunnel reserved for the former lords of the castle before their deaths many hundreds of years ago.

Worse, the Priest of Tyr the company had hired charged that the writ granted "holy authority" to the new owners of Castle Valjevo, and took charge of the fifteen men Cadorna had brought to take the castle in the first place!

Bolstered, they went to address the castle's remaining original occupiers, the fire giants.  The leader, a man named Gor, had a booming voice and a signed contract to defend his run for the master of Valjevo.  Juchin promptly paid them to maintain their contract, which will now include rebuilding the castle's defenses.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the party travels to Mendor's Library, amid rumors that even more riches lay hidden, some historical, some magical.  Mendor was, after all, a powerful mage…


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