Heroes of the Dark

Tower Freth

The massive spire atop the Isle of Rothe has been developed and hollowed over several hundred years to create a massive citadel, surrounded by multiple high walls, themselves surrounded by the massive Lake Donigarten and further protected by the dense mushroom fields and rothe herds that no drow may risk harming.

Tower Freth easily could accommodate far more than the 400 bodies that routinely inhabit it.  Presently, every drow has a room of their own, even the lowest guard and servile.   The tower also houses two dark secrets—a catacomb leading to a necropolis, and a secret passage leading out of the city, both things forbidden by city law.

One level of the tower leads out onto an immense balcony, which provides a beautiful overlook of the entire city.  The Spire and Tower Xorlarrin are easily visible from the heights of Isle Rothe.

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