Heroes of the Dark

Traveling On

The Rod of Law

There was a strange discovery.

Wererats appear to have lived under the Slums for many years, and now their lack of foodstuffs has driven them into the New Settlement looking for food and gold. 

That's not all.  One of the items in the haul taken from the yugoloth pyramid in the Stojanow River turned out to be a small piece of a broken rod or staff which resisted attempts to identify it.  It took many days of research in the ancient library of Mendor to uncover its origins, but there, hidden in a pile of mouldering tomes, lay the proof.

The Rod of Law first appeared on the Prime in the last days of Myth Drannor.  When its wielder was suddenly attacked by forces resembling driders, the staff suddenly exploded.  It is also the last recorded documentation of the known appearance of the last Baneblade, Keryvian.   Its wielder returned from that battle without the fabulous sword, and died two days later.

This might seem an intellectual curiosity, until the kender begins to recount dreams of horrifying clarity—a great being in a dark place, wielding the blade Keryvian, its eternal flame dormant, the sounds of chains rattling, and a terrible sensation of pain and longing.


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