Heroes of the Dark


Expressive journals of Fizzl Tyrshand

Today I met a billiondy people in a place call Flan. I think that's a dessert or something back home… not sure though. Acacia says that it isn't but I think she might just not know about it. There is this thing call a tiefling there, she's got some seriously grabby hands. I mean who just reaches out and takes things from people! I never! 

But, then there is this half elf! He's Juchin, and not at all as bad as I thought. He thinks I'm super useful and has a neat mask. I wonder if he will let me borrow it.  Then there is this elf named Faylin,  she seems okay, kind of wildy like the cag's but not as snooty. The other elf is Carella, and she's okay I guess, she heals people when they get hurt. 


OH! And then, then I got to use my color spray spell and it actually worked!!! I can't wait to go tell the goblins all about how we stopped the orcs from invading them! 


Maybe next time I can see if there is anything neat to borrow from the keep, after we rest though, I guess people are tired, but I could go on and on and on for hours! I mean, just look what happened when I stayed up and went to the Temple! That's how I got my new name too! Mama would be proud. 


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