Fizzl Whipsbang

Tyrshand, First of Her Name



Fizzl lives up to her name with frizzy copper hair in the typical Kender topknot. Her ends are braided to keep the fluff at bay.

Her clothing is in hues of grays aside a cloak that looks to have been sewn with threads of a thousand colors and patterns.

Aside a pale blue scarf she wears around her neck, she adorns very little.

Her armor lays over the top of all of her usually drab garb and protects her with it’s many stuff pockets.


Fizzl was raised in Kenderholm with her sisters for most of her life to this point. Wanderlust kicked in late for Fizzl, causing her to feel the need to leave everything she’d known before, which frankly was the must exciting part. Her mother gifted her with a scarf baring their family sigil as a parting memento so that if it took her many years to return, she’d have something of home. Naturally, she almost never takes it off. Through her travels she’s made her way into the other lands that Faerun has to offer, meeting loads of unconventional people along the way.

Her companion, a Centaur has been helpful as both a friend and a mount when Fizzl can’t keep up, which is rare indeed. Her exuberance is only matched by her curiosity. As you can imagine, that has led to many interesting circumstances, as well as a few troubles, for both she and her Centaur friend. Though, in the end, being chances from towns after the occasional accidental filching, isn’t all that bad.

Fizzl Whipsbang

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